After a few days of continual typing, I have finally completed the Vocabulary menu from which pages of definitions for each chapter is branched. All one has to to in order to visit vocabulary definitions of one particular chapter is to hover one’s cursor over the link Vocabulary and a menu of all the chapters will drop down. In addition, since that is the case, there is no need to place a link to the parent page, i.e. Vocabulary in every ‘child’ page. That is much better and more manageable than a single page that contains the entire vocabulary list for the entire year, which will be extraordinarily lengthy in just a few months from now.

I must say I had no idea we learned so many technical terms just two months into the school year. That is why the list seemed endless at first sight (I typed everything into a word document then copy to the page in order to retain the formatting. Besides, it serves as backup). Nevertheless, things seem to be going pretty well for this assignment. Now I feel like a programmer updating the development status of my project. Stay alert! For there will be many things to come. Tell that to the RAF! 🙂

This Psychology textbook has fourteen chapters in total. Some of them are especially large. I keep wondering how much more brainy would we become in April when we complete the book and prepare for the AP exam in May. That makes me impressed at the storing capacity of the relatively small hippocampus.

This assignment has a number of benefits in the future. When we do not have our textbooks and/or notebooks, we can simply look at our own definitions of the terms online, right here in our blogs. A valuable reinforcement or the hippocampus indeed!


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  1. mehappy777 says:

    I know, some of them are very long!! I wonder how much can our little “deformed seahorse of the human brain” store all of the information from the textbook. And i also agree with the convenience of the “children” and “parent” page, too! It’s a cute “family”! ^ w ^

  2. mehappy777 says:

    Hi there, Captain Nerd! Let’s have fun with AP Psycho, i mean… AP Psychology! xD

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