It turns out I have found the time needed to engineer sound samples that would help one distinguish between pitch and frequency. To me, they may seem confusing but not homogeneous. Originally, I intended to publish those onto this post. Unfortunately, however, I cannot upload them. The reason is because in order to do so, I need to purchase additional space for my media library. :-(.

Symbol of Justice

Equity and Equality

I would like to share my observation of Sport Day in this post. To me, it has a lot of room for improvement. The planning and purpose of the event are nevertheless good overall. For example, not everyone (that includes me) was given a chance to participate in a sport. Since the registration list is limited, I could only officially sign up for one activity. Although there is the option of substituting for a player on the field, many able athletes monopolize the games. When they swap places, they mainly do it among themselves. I therefore accuse them of playing their own private games, although these ought to be public – open to all AIS High School students. Here is an psychological insight I gained from this observation. Most of those who find a particular set of circumstances favorable to them resist change (they are in a state of equilibrium) while those who find them disagreeable tend to modify the status quo. I would also argue that this is an instance of tragedy of the (limited) commons. Since many able players monopolize the field, they get less rest than those who merely watch the games or wait to join it. That means they are more likely to be injured. In fact, that has happened and several had to be carried off the field. If they share the “burden” of earning victory with other people, they could have had fun without damaging themselves physically. I thus suggest that in future, before this annual event takes place, the administration make it clear that every single AIS High School student is entitled to participate in all sports that last for a relatively long time. More water stations were needed; I am sure many students did not drink sufficient water. That was one of the contributing factors to injury (in this case spasmodic muscular contraction or cramp). In addition, we should have transferred the campus’s trash bins for temporary service on the field; we had to improvise whenever we needed to dispose of something. Running around search for a trash can, which are actually bags and boxes, was annoying.

I have included a few new vocabulary definitions on the page dedicated to Chapter IV. I really like doing work bit by bit rather than rush on the last days just before the deadline. It feels more relaxed and that makes it easier to learn. Learning should be a fun and engaging experience not a stressful burden. 🙂

To this day I still remember the extraordinary taste of unami; it is so strange when tasted in pure form. Its particles are also unusual. They are tiny cylinders rather than fine tiny grains.


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  1. truong070993 says:

    I think the Sports Day was awesome too. But too bad we didn’t get to play all the games. About the planning part, since there were one more game added this year (last year was only 3 games, I think? Then the tug of war) and the rain, we didn’t get to what what I think is the most interesting game of all.
    I was so busy with all the applications so I didn’t have the time to post them all up to the blog yet -sobs-. Still working on the vocab on Words haha

  2. Mr. M. says:

    Great critique of Sports Day. You should dress it up as suggestions and you might consider type statements and send it to one of your grade reps. They would appreciate it. Great insight into motivation & change, by the way.

    I’m also glad that the class is not producing a lot of stress. Research into brain science shows how detrimental stress is to learning. One of my big goals is to reduce stress in my courses.

    Email me your sound files & I can get them posted.

    Mr. M.

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