This week started off badly for me. I totally forgot to create a poster for Psychology class. I earned a not-so-good score in a mathematics test. My AP English teacher just announced that I have to finish reading my self-chosen book by next week. I have only read half of my book. I have three essays for PE due this Friday; I have gotten started but they will take time to be completed. What I intended to be bring enjoyment has turned into a battle for survival. That is why I initiated a campaign to fight to the death with my homework, figuratively.

However, by the end of the week, the crisis has largely pass, especially when I completed two PE essays on the same day. That success has given me some hope and optimism that I will be able to complete my long-term homework assignments on time. At the moment, there are only two left: the poster for AP Psychology and the book for AP English Literature. I have the ambition to finish them both by the end of Sunday. At last, there seems to be a tiny light at the end of the tunnel; I might be able to snatch a last minute victory before the very jaws of defeat.

Concerning the subject of how I learn best. I strongly believe that a visual journal is not helpful for me. As far as I know myself, I am a visual learner. However, I learn by taking mental pictures of the important details than save them into long-term memory or extract verbal phrases from them. In the case of the brain, for instance, I can construct a mental three-dimension model then mentally point out the divisions. Moreover, I am a terrible artist; in fact, a quiz I took on Naviance gave me a score of zero for artistic skills and interest. Making a visual journal therefore will be a frustrating experience; I just tried doing that. This explains why I need a lot of sleep. :-). I look forward to at least partially resolve my sleep deficit this weekend.

If I have time in the future, I shall publish my hypothesis on hearing. The idea came to me while I was creating the ear anatomy poster. I just love eureka moments!


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  1. truong070993 says:

    Same thing for me. Last week I had an English Honor test, 3 P.E essays, IB Math test, AP Psych (which was postponed until last Monday), Mandarin test and IB Geography presentation. It was too much that I had to take one morning off to get ready for school. But things went a little more chill this week since all the tests were finished

    The graphic note works for me. I can draw but not that well. I also have a great imagination so when I read words, I imagine pictures and I just draw those picture out, which is actually quite fun to do but it takes lots of time haha

  2. blueharmonie says:

    Last week was overwhelming to me too. I feel like I’m started to falll back a little bit as it’s getting more stuff. Due to my health problem too that i could not work at nite. The visual note would take a lot of time too even i’m better at drawing

  3. truong070993 says:

    oh yea Scott, If you have Yahoo Messenger id or skype id then add mine: truong070993 and send me the picture of the group work. I need those for comparison. Or you can send it to my email

  4. hoaitramk says:

    It seem to me that eveyone is super busy . Poor you guys . I was busy too but not that bad . Scott . i think you should try visual note , it is fun and won’t take too much time. All we need to do is drawing something that connect to what we study , it does ha va to be great as Shinnie and Danny do . I think the biggest proble of visual note is not about drawing skills but how to unferdtand what we draw when we look at it later :)) . Anw. Good luck with visual note . I post my drawing in the libary on my blog so that you and Daniel can save it and compare . Nice weekend guys !

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