This week saw one of the greatest battles in AP Psychology. We have two assignments coming with due dates close to one another. We only have about a week or so to complete each assignment. They definitely will require a considerable amount of work and effort but in the end, it is worth it. This chapter – Sensation and Perception – contains several unfamiliar concepts. Involving in activities such as this one will most likely assist memory.

I am determined to avoid borrowing media files to put into my work as much as possible. The reasons are that I prefer self-reliance and that I dislike citing sources. As a consequence, most of the photographs posted in my perception notebook are taken by me. Before finishing these two assignments, I was in an apocalyptic mood. I honestly thought the best scenario was that I would complete them at the last minute before I go to sleep on Sunday. After finishing them, however, I feel much better. I expect to be somewhat less busy over the next weeks, even though semester exams are coming up. I keep wondering whether there exists a connection between the fact that the end of the quarter, and in turns, semester, is approaching and the increased amount of workload. However, there is good news from my math class. The next chapter, according to Mr. Oliver, would be comparatively easy. Sections 4.4: Optimization and 4.6: Related Rates have been the most challenging so far. We should not expect any more difficult sections other than 7.3 Volumes, the last that we will cover in AP Calculus AB.

I would like to share two pictures that involve features detectors. The scenes tricked my camera and almost tricked my own eyes as well. I am almost certain that cameras designers have borrowed the concept of feature detectors from (bio)psychology. Enjoy!

Does this look like a surprised face to you?

Does this somehow look like a face to you?


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