Few subjects ever capture my attention the way physics, mathematics and psychology do. I really like the way they defy common sense. They all show that one of the biggest obstacles on our way of understanding nature is ourselves. In psychology so far, we have been exploring a variety of subjects that relate directly to us. I never knew that we dream more than once during sleep and that brain waves are real phenomenon. I few relieved that the majority of the ideas proposed by the Freudian theory is now rejected by mainstream psychology. The world is not as ugly as it seems to be.

Consciousness – the topic that concerns us at the moment – is of genuine interest to me. It answers many questions. I used to think that unconsciousness is helpful only when I need to sleep. I thought that nights see the rebellions of unconsciousness against the rational self. More specifically, I have little control over my dreams. In contrast, the book reveals that unconsciousness helps us process multiple streams of information simultaneously, something we could never do effectively while awake. My mind wanders about during sleep. That helps explain why I need a lot of sleep: I learn a lot. Unfortunately, a lot of students nowadays seriously underestimate the necessity and power of sleep. The biological need is undeniable.

That is all I have to say for now.


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  1. Mr. M. says:

    I love this line Scott! “They all show that one of the biggest obstacles on our way of understanding nature is ourselves.” We need to follow the data but it is so easy to follow what we think is right or want to be right. There is such a gulf between the scientific approach to the world and the way the average non-scientific person approaches the world. We are so easily fooled into thinking we know something when it is really just a belief with little or no basis in fact.

  2. mehappy777 says:

    Just like Mr. M here, I really love that line Mr. M mentioned! It may sound somewhat harsh yet it’s true. We usually fall into our own delusions of having the knowledge of something and yet they have no proof at all.

    I also totally agree with you at the fact that this interesting chapter answers our questions that keeps lurking inside our mind and remains incognito! Hopefully, we can all understand the inner world inside us together~!

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