Note: my dreams may not make sense in any way.

February 4th, 2012: I like this dream the most of all. Our AIS campus appears to be a very respectable building with wonderful architecture. I has columns resembling classical Greek buildings. Apparently, it is our permanent campus for high school students. The traffic nearby is far from being as bad as typical of Saigon. When I cross the street, motorbike riders slow down rather than accelerate to dangerously pass pedestrians as they usually do in the real world.

My dainty enjoyment abruptly ends. As soon as I enter the school’s front yard, which contains some grass and small trees, gravity loses its control over me. I begin to fly slowly upwards as if I am a balloon. I get truly frightened and move my limps as if I am drowning. I bump against the building’s concrete structures. Apparently, I am invulnerable to such collisions. Knowing that my feet provide the anti-gravitational propulsion, I try to change their directions by a variety of ways but to no avail. “The only way to get back down is to turn the propulsion off,” I thought. As soon as I do so, my body accelerate downwards till I slam against the concrete ground face down. I do not feel any pain but the ground is cracked. Oops!

I woke up. It is hard both to forget and describe the fear I felt in this dream. It is very distinctive. At least according to my experiential knowledge, most people would to be able to fly. This dream allowed me to see it from a completely different and unexpected perspective. Flight is enjoyable only once you are fluent and have a good sense of direction. Things look a lot different from the air. In the dream, I am able to hold on to a protruding structure of the school campus. Otherwise, I would drift slowly into the atmosphere and possibly into space.

December 29th, 2011: In my opinion, this one is by far the most extraordinary, despite its being short. I was having my nap after a regular lunch. In the dream, I wake up and see that the clock indicates that it is now 4:05 PM. I am rather surprised at how much time I have spent sleeping. Did I oversleep or did my body need some extra time at rest? I wonder. At that moment, I wake up. To my surprise, yet again, it is now 3:05 PM – exactly one hour earlier than what I have seen in my dream.

December 11th, 2011: I visit an imprisoned aging man who, in the dream, I instinctively recognize as my father in-law (?). His face is full of wrinkles but his eyes are still clear and large. His hair is mostly black. I wear a green army camouflage suit. My rank is captain. The poor man looks at me through the fence with barbed wire on top, weeping, and pleads pitifully in Vietnamese, “Captain, please save my daughter!” I must add that the detention center in which he is detained appears similar to a concentration camp to me.

December 6th, 2011: I have had several dreams today. However, I can only remember this one the clearest. We learned of a physics concept named power in Mr. Gibbons’s class. Power is the amount of energy transferred per unit of time; in the metric system, the standard unit of power is Joules per second (J/s). Captivatingly, from personal reading, I know that there is another unit that is the product (multiplication) of energy and time, i.e. Js rather than J/s. The book I read regarded it as the unit of “action”. Before I could ask Mr. Gibbons to elucidate the idea, the dream abruptly ended. It is possible that the same thing may happen when one has a nightmare and asks the person chasing one why.

I would like to add that throughout today, while lying sick in bed, the phrase vector calculus keeps bouncing around my head.

December 3rd, 2011: I cannot remember this dream as clearly as the previous one, even though I wrote it down as soon as I wake up. It is nevertheless of similar length. The bell rings and we are dismissed from class. There seems to be only two people in that class – Mr. Gibbons’s room -: my friend and me. My friend walks slightly ahead of me. Her facial expression shows that is is not happy; in fact she looks sad and somewhat angry. To my horror, there is a big round hole on the door. “What did you do that for?” I ask with great surprise and some anger. She answers coolly, “It’s for other people.”

December 2nd, 2011: This time, I was more successful. In fact, without writing in down into my notebook, I would have forgotten the dream completely by now. I rarely remember dreams for long. I only remember the ones that impact me the most. Nevertheless, the memories of those are now fading as I take in a lot of information. Anyway, here is what I wrote.

I see a badminton court but only more than half of it. The net is near the bottom of my field of vision. My perspective is slightly over their heads.Two pairs of players exchange the shuttlecock but only on one side of the court – the one that is completely in my field of vision. I shout, “No cheating!” The pair of players who have their backs to the net immediately disappear than reappear on the other half of the court but they are still close to the net and therefore still in my fixed perspective.

December 1st, 2011: I attempted to employ the method Mr. Marshall said would increase the likelihood of remembering my dreams. My trial was unsuccessful, partly because I had to wake up early in order to attend school on time. 😦


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  1. Mr. M. says:

    I love the dream about the old man! The detail of his facing is great. What do you make of the phrase, “Captain, please save my daughter!” The dream seems so symbolic.

    And your first dream: “No cheating!” and they appear in my fixed perspective. If I believed in dream interpretation, I would be wanting to interpret this! As it stands it seems to me to be an interesting insight into your… what?

    Anyway, I’ve probably said too much. That’s the problem with discussing dreams: giving in to the temptation to assign meaning.

    Have a great holiday!
    Mr. M.

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